Spring 2019


Lorna campbell

Oh taste and see catering

Oh Taste and See Catering serves home-made, fresh, quality and flavorful food.


Tara Gregor


BreakWell is your Workplace Well-Being Resource & Partner. We uncover what your employees truly value.


Tyrean Lewis

heru urban farming and garden

Heru Urban Farming and Garden provides organic and non GMO produce to food desert neighborhoods.


Robert miller


Melio integrates solar technology into our everyday lives.


tyra amre perry

no trainin’ wheels foundation

No Trainin’ Wheels Foundation helps women live better, more productive, and empowered lives.


deann porter

Bold & Beauty in black beauty supply

Bold & Beauty in Black Beauty Supply is an online beauty supply for beauty, education & affordability.


michelle robinson

organics nail & beauty bar

Organics Nail & Beauty Bar creates products to reduce exposure to carcinogens.


Valeria rodriguez


vrAWRT is a coloring book that celebrates and uplifts women of color.


Sharon l. sabo

tricentium technologies

Tricentium Technologies delivers hypodermic needle protective covers.


Kionna scott

signed, k

Signed, K provides all natural, therapeutic bath products that provide holistic healing for mental health.

Summer 2018


Anna and Eleuterio Carreon,


Elevada takes Mexican cuisine and catering to a whole new level by bringing a Bon Appetit “Hot 10” best chef to private residences and pop-up restaurants to create an elevated Mexican dining experience.


Julius B. Anthony,

St. Louis Black Authors of Children’s Literature

St. Louis Black Authors of Children’s Literature fosters awareness about the importance of early literacy by creating innovative opportunities for all kids to have access to Black children’s literature.


shelby farr,

luxury body bar

Luxury Body Bar creates self-care products that make you look good, feel good and smell good!


rachael cross,

simply chic jewelry

Simply Chic Jewelry is a line of hand forged minimalist jewelry designs using precious metals and gemstones. Each piece is created one-at-a-time in a local South Saint Louis City home. They are able to be mixed and matched to easily transition from day to night.


Whitney Jones,

transitional homes 4 you

Transitional Homes 4 You provides housing to at risk homeless vets who are apart of St. Patrick Centers Homes Forest program. 


Kita quinn,

1k digital memories

1K Digital Memories is a home based photo, slide and analog video digitizing service that also offers video interview and family slideshow editing services.


serrita sydnor and alicia cooper,

butterfly effect g2w

Butterfly Effect G2W teaches girls self-sufficiency life skills to through workshops, community service, and mentorship.


deanna tipton,

byrds of expression LLC

Byrds of Expression LLC creates customized physical and digital products for celebration and inspiration through a design lens of Christian values and African American culture.


Charlene williams,


CHARM’D is an organization designed to give girls the tools to feel empowered, through mentoring, group discussions, and fun activities. As the young ladies successfully complete a session they will earn a Charm. The charms are a representation of what you have learned and accomplished. Jewelry like “Action” can be louder than words.


charlene lopez young,

the fattened caf

The Fattened Caf is a food service company specializing in Filipino BBQ and American Smoked Meats -- from our smoker into your bellies. 

Spring 2018

Arielle abramzik-travelstead,

vibrantly mindful

Vibrantly Mindful is a lifestyle brand that offers 1:1 coaching to women and men serving to align mind, body, soul and life for heighten living.

Brittanie goldsby,

Speaker leaks

Speaker Leaks is a web platform for artists of all mediums to showcase their talents, stories, and inspirations.

Christopher Miller,

Aerospace CRM

The Aerospace CRM vision includes being able to create multiple mobile flight simulators that can be left at schools for longer durations so more students have an opportunity to experience flight. This will give teachers another advanced piece of technology to enhance the classroom experience with numerous areas of technology to pull in from the simulator.

Erika Chavez Lopez,

A Dream Cleaning Company

We are a cleaning service team. We love what we do and understand and meet the needs of our customers.

Joe Monahan,

Apotheosis City Project

Apotheosis City Project creates clothing and prints that celebrate our cities and promote active citizenship.

Kathy Horry,

G.I.F.T.E.D. (God's Intelligent Fortified Talented and Educated Dreams)

G.I.F.T.E.D. will teach music theory, studio recording, mentoring and creative thinking to stimulate the mind while raising achievement and aspirations through the vehicle of music.

Kianna Hill,

Soaps by Ki

My business venture involves handcrafting natural beauty, cosmetic, and personal care products while educating consumers on pursuing a healthy skin-care regimen.

Myisa Whitlock,

Pop Up Professionals

We are a pop-up shop located in the historic Dutchtown South Neighborhood. We will collaborate with start-up and established businesses to occupy the store space by displaying and selling their products in our community. We will feature weekly or monthly vendors and provide seasonal shopping opportunities for a community that has limited resources.

Ronelle Bailey,

True Wardrobe

True Wardrobe is a service for online clothing shoppers who wear unusual sizes or struggle with inconsistent sizing, that finds brands using measurements.

Wendy Todd,


Carbon is a digital brand exclusively committed to building personal power in the black community, focusing on emotional health, well-being, resilience and offering life strategies. Carbon is positioned to be the premiere digital destination for African-Americans who want a safe and culturally reflective space to grow, share, heal and thrive.

Summer 2017

Goldson Freedman.jpg

Sara Goldson and Gay Lee Freedman,

The Hot Stopper

Lets home and professional cooks safely and efficiently move hot pots, pans, and oven grates. 


Cherise Jackson, ReBrand, LLC

Mobile tutoring services for grades 6-12 to assist with development and learning.


Kimberly Knox, Knox Academy

Early childhood center promoting literacy, language development, and early STEM concepts emphasizing faith and family values.


Chef Marca Nicole, Private Chefs Fit4UMeals

Fulfills nutritional needs of consumers and caters to individual diets.


Rachel Simon-Lee, Heartwork Videos, LLC

High quality intraoperative videos for surgeons and surgical training programs.


Kristin Slater, Plain Louie / Biopic

Biopic technology shares moments that matter to help you stay better connected.

Starr Long.jpg

Kacie Starr Long, Sew Esteem

Sewing and fashion design program for at-risk youth incorporating character-building lessons.


April Warren-Grice, Liberated Genius, LLC

Connecting diverse communities with educational advancement opportunities.


Javania M. Webb, You Are Worthy, Inc

A safe space to mentor LGBTQIA youth of color and help parents respect their children’s identities.


La'Shay M. Williams, Atmospheres, LLC

Therapeutic body work services, meditations, and aromatherapy bath and body products.

Spring 2017

Amanda Colon-Smith, Leche Love Notes

Leche Love Notes are boutique nursing pads with hand-lettered quotes designed to encourage breastfeeding mothers. Our nursing pads are made from specialty printed organic fabrics with child safe inks and featuring original artworks of hand lettered affirmations. 

Kathleen Cook, Esso Skin Care

Esso Skin Care is a natural skin care company providing education and products that restore, hydrate, and renew the skin for a healthier skin lifestyle.

Latonja Flowers, Sahgol Jewelry Co

The business idea for Sahgol Jewel Co. is to design and small batch manufacture some accessory pieces that fit within a minimalist’s ideology and an earthy bohemian luxe aesthetic, the idea is for this Sahgol brand to cater to women and unisex/androgynous demographic. 

Sade Hobson Singleton, Doohicky Craftique, LLC

Doohicky Craftique highlights your individuality through our handmade unique fashion accessories.

Madeline Jackson, NanaComb Vision, LLC

An exciting new hair styling tool for naturally curly, coily and kinky hair.

Shannon Koenig, Insprawear

Insprawear is a lifestyle brand igniting a revolution in kindness by designing tees to inspire goodness and support positive change.

Andrew Lau, mDental

mDental aims to improve the oral health and well being of America through technology and innovation.

Tim McIntyre, My Neighbor's Garage

Creating a community for lending, borrowing and giving back.

Jessica "Merlin" Whitman, The Tiny Hedgehog

Unique and comfortable clothing for babies & toddlers.

Rita Childers and Candi Tenney, CORE + RIND

CORE + RIND makes a vegan, plant-based, cashew cheese sauce to fill the need for a delicious and healthy, dairy-free cheese.

Summer 2016

Arriel BIGGS, Young Biz Kidz

Young Biz Kidz is a non-profit organization that uses positive, diverse and creative ways to teach economics.  Our vision is to empower youth through financial education, while encouraging entrepreneurship and developing leaders within the community. Our mission is to equip youth with the knowledge and skills to live productive lives.

River Fronczak, Coffee, Curls & Cupcakes

Coffee Curls & Cupcakes believes it isn’t right that women (especially of color) should feel like they have to put dangerous chemicals in their hair to succeed in school and business.  Our non-profit promotes healthy hair practices and togetherness in mind, body and spirit among young and adult women. 

Iris Green, Scoops & More LLC

Scoops & More is a Super Premium Italian water ice mobile company. We offer smooth refreshingly delicious products that are gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free, soy-free, and tree nut-free. We at Scoops believe in serving up smiles one scoop at a time by offering excellent customer service!


Liz Kuba, Tea Rex

Tea Rex is a tea room in South City that strives to create a cup of tea in the most ethical way possible. In addition to offering the highest quality ingredients, all of the teas they offer are Organic, with Fair Trade or Local sources used where possible.

Bonnidette Lantz, Lightenstein

Lightenstein Lamps creates lighting with personality. I take everyday items and convert them into works of art that light up your life and your space. Our lamps let your light shine.


Carrie R. Lewis, SweetLife Gourmet

SweetLife Gourmet makes organic quality, gourmet, nutritious cupcakes & desserts that satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. We translate that very same quality of ingredients into our line of body products & moisturizers so that your body can celebrate the SweetLife inside & out.

Alicia Lohmar, Ladybits Toiletries

Ladybits Toiletries makes all-natural, prebiotic products for women’s health. Our holistic approach means never using chemical preservatives and perfumes that can disrupt a woman’s delicate ecosystem.

Karen Rogier, Arlyn Arlene, LLC, Movereze

Arlyn Arlene, LLC sells the patented Movereze.  This sturdy, durable device easily moves heavy, flat items up and down stairs.  

Katy Thomas, GiG{a}BiT Rocks

GiG{a}BiT Rocks is a tour planning platform for independent musicians, harnessing the power of the collaborative community of musicians, venues, and promoters. We aim to streamline planning, minimize unknowns, help reach new regions, and “Tour Smarter.”

Sompit Vasey, Ma Yim Enterprises, LLC

Sompit Vasey moved to the US from Thailand 12 years ago and started a bakery to take advantage of the American peoples’ love for food from around the world.  Our signature item is a variation of a local Thai favorite, the curry puff.  I have worked over the past couple of years to perfect the recipe and hope to sell frozen curry puffs to Grocery stores.

Spring 2016

Pamela Nolan, Script-Loons

Script-Loons provides customized balloons with inspiring words, quotes, and scriptures for a perfect match for the recipient and event.



2Geez Catering is dedicated to homemade meals for children in daycare facilities using local ingredients without beef or pork. 

Sonia Deal, DEAL-C2

Diabetes Education Augmenting Lifestyles, Center and Clinic (DEAL-C2) provides innovative diabetes-focused mobile care and education in St Louis metropolitan communities.

LaTausha DeBoise, ReddyWear

REDDYWEAR Apparel specializes in fashionable, quality, and comfortable clothing for school age to adult consumers with restricted mobility. 

Arnold "TJ" Tutson Jr., Rescue Cuts

Rescue Cuts is a mobile barber shop providing full grooming services with exclusive convenience at an affordable rate.

Ashley Clay, Bella Noir Event Rentals

Bella Noir Event Rentals is decor rental service providing clients with centerpiece designs and decor for special events.

Carla C. Soll, Anointed Cake Creations

Anointed Cake Creations provides custom decorated cakes with traditional as well as gluten-free and/or sugar-free ingredients.

Thurman Rhodes, DADDYS

Dads and Dudes Daily Youth Services (DADDYS) provides opportunities for men to volunteer as educators and coaches at local schools.

Karen Buckley, MicroPopShop

Micropopshop is a web/mobile app that connects makers and growers with underutilized property to create customized pop-up retail spaces.

Laura Shields, Arabicano 

Arabicano bakes, packages, and delivers small containers of Middle Eastern baklava made from local ingredients according to our family recipe.


Summer 2015


Annie Magny, One Dish Wonders

My name is Annie Magny and I am the proud owner of One Dish Wonders, a casserole baking company. I worked for AT&T for 29 years before retiring in December of 2012. I held numerous positions during those 29 years, ranging from Marketing, Customer Service, Finance and my most prized love of all, Human Resources where I spent 19 of those years. I LOVE PEOPLE!

One Dish Wonders is a casserole baking business that provides families and working parents nutritious, home-cooked meals. In this fast-paced world we now live in, it is imperative that parents spend more time with their children. What better way to connect than at the dinner table as a family?

Lisette Dennis, Get This, Make That

Lisette Dennis has over 11 years experience working with new and mid-sized non-profits on management, human resources, marketing, and communications. Previously, she spent 8 years as an import designer in the junior fashion market in New York City. Then, while living in Paris, France, she developed and sold products and programming in the European audio-visual industry.

Get This, Make That (GTMT), a digital resource, will assist home improvement, do-it-yourself neophytes and enthusiasts in learning what they need, what it looks like and why they need it to shop for and execute home improvement projects. Get This, Make That will also feature Remnants Rehab, where visitors can post, and therefore part with, leftover home improvement supplies.

Shawntelle Fisher

Shawntelle Fisher

Shawntelle Fisher, SoulFisher Ministries

Shawntelle Fisher, Founder, is a recent honors graduate from UMSL. She is conscious of the need to assist struggling students and families and is committed to providing academic, enrichment, and nutritional assistance to students who are either at-risk or have one or both parents incarcerated.

The ENAL Summer Initiative is a free summer tutoring program. Participants will receive nutritious meals they might not otherwise have access to, remain engaged in their learning during the summer months, and gain exposure to enrichment opportunities. Exposure includes: Speech and Debate, Robotics, The Magic House Science program, Library enrichment, and outings to the Zoo, Science Center, bowling, and much, much more.

Kevin Stock, NED Device

Kevin Stock, inventor of the NED Device, is a dentist with advanced training in treating sleep apnea. Paul Gamble is a Washington University Medical Student, with expertise in 3D printing, biomedical engineering, and medical innovations. Jason Lintker is a Mechanical Engineer with an expertise in design, manufacturing, materials, and innovation. Benjamin Huang is a Washington University student, Skandalaris Center intern for TIOSA, and an expert in process management and innovation advancement.

The NED Device (Nasal EPAP Dilator) is a simple silicone device that dilates the nasal passages allowing for an increase in inhalation volume to facilitate nasal breathing combined with EPAP (Expiratory Positive Air Pressure) technology to prevent the collapsibility of the airway. Through this design OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) can be treated simply, comfortably, and cost effectively.

Kathy Leiva Rosario, Pour Favor

Kathy Leiva Rosario, native of Honduras, came to the United States at 18 to further her education, seek opportunities and to escape violence. Her passion in international affairs is helping her fulfill her organization’s (Pour Favor) mission of helping others in Central America achieve their educational goals and escape poverty.

Pour Favor, a tax-exempt non-profit international organization, seeks to educate and empower Central American women by selling their handcrafted goods. We represent these families in the global market to bring their unique, artisan goods to world. Pour Favor is utilizing each unique woman’s human capital as a sustainable mechanism to support her education and financial independence.

Mia Ranard, Gift Me Some

Mia Ranard is an Indiana University graduate with a background in international studies and education. After working in higher education and teaching high school in Indiana, Mia moved to St. Louis and became involved in the local entrepreneurial community. She now works as the Community Manager at TechArtista and is learning to code through CoderGirl in her spare time. Jonathan Veith is also a graduate of Indiana University, has spent the last seven years working in the nonprofit sector, and is currently on the board of directors for Solea Water. His current projects are focused on creative writing and design.

Gift Me Some is a wedding registry app that allows couples to create a curated registry of unique items from local businesses. It solves the problem of having multiple registries, traditionally through large chain stores, and helps focus more of the $19 billion spent annually on wedding gifts back into the local economy and small businesses.

Yvette Thomas, State of the Art Adult Health Care Center

My husband and I are team players. I am an occupational therapist for more than 32 years and have a wealth of experience working with seniors. My husband is a Pastor and Bishop and founded The heirs of God International Fellowship where he has been a pastor for 20 years.
The State of the Art Adult Health Care Centre provides day services to the elderly, disabled, and special needs adults by providing the opportunity to leave their home and participate in enriching activities on a daily basis. We are qualified to work with a variety of diagnostic categories including brain injuries and physical deficits.

Suyash Raj, QuickTech

QuickTech was founded by Suyash Raj, a current senior at Washington University in St. Louis. He is working with Brian Choi, a fellow senior at Wash U. They both share a deep love for technology as well as helping people. Suyash works at student technology services, a service that repairs computers for students, and Brian manages multiple sites. Together they will try to revolutionize tech support.

QuickTech is a company that strives to bring technology help for a much more affordable rate through an uber business model. By allowing younger, tech savvy people to sign up as techs, QuickTech will allow those proficient in different areas of technology to assist those in need of technical help while assuring quality through certification programs and ratings.

Cynthia McCrea, Salon Rx

McCrea, CEO, is a graduate of Fontbonne University and a veteran of the United States Air Force Reserves. While working in Boston, MA as a professional bra fitter and volunteering for the Dana Farber cancer center, she became aware of the lack of fashion choices and inconvenience that is put on post surgical patients and decided it was time to bring compassion, fashion, and convenience to the post surgical community.

Salon Rx is a post-surgical boutique that specializes in fashionable medical hair-loss wigs, breast forms, lingerie and compression garments for maternity needs, athletes, diabetics and those who travel, stand or sit a lot. Salon Rx customizes each personal fit and will visit you in the comforts of your home.

Justin Serugo, Emerald Cleaning Company

I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I came here as a refugee and I have experienced how hard it is to start a life in a new country. As a result, I have learned not to take anything for granted, and through my cleaning company I provide opportunities for new refugees in St. Louis.
Emerald Cleaning Company is a full service residential and commercial cleaning operation that employs refugees. It began one year ago with just one commercial building and has since steadily grown. As refugee teams, we together go to cleaning sites to train and learn the business. As a result, these refugees will be able to form their own teams and train others, expanding the business and creating employment opportunities for many more people.

Rachel Hankerson, International PROOF Systems

Rachel Hankerson is Founder and CEO of International PROOF Systems, LLC. She invented the world’s first computerized license plates, known as PROOF Smart Tags. Rachel is improving the ecosystem, not only by providing a great product and service, but also by offering global employment opportunity. This business has a great team of professionals inclusive of: Charles McCloskey Patent Attorney and Jeff Brown Design and Development.
International PROOF Systems (IPS), LLC was founded in January 2010 with a mission to improve current processes through advanced technology. IPS is currently improving the process of validating auto insurance, vehicle registration, and response time during an emergency, through the world’s first computerized license plate, known as PROOF Smart Tags.


Fall 2014

Talah Alem, Trilogy Health Services

Talah Alem, Founder, is a recent graduate of UMSL and a longtime massage therapist and yoga teacher. She believes that successful pain management requires a holistic or mind-body approach. She is motivated by a deep love of humanity and a sincere desire to help others heal.

Business Idea: Trilogy Health Services aims to open a Pain Management Clinic specializing in mind-body interventions to treat veterans, EMTs, firefighters and police officers. Our goal is to become a major provider of Mind-Body Pain Management, also known as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), to the VA and other similar organizations. To start, we will offer therapeutic massage, acupuncture and yoga on a fee for service basis. By incorporating new SmartMat® technology into our business, we believe we can get out in front of our competition, improve access to yoga for rural users, and promote useful home self-care for patients between visits and following treatment.

JaNay Holmes, Learning Makes Sense

My name is JaNay Holmes and I’m a WIBO graduate and an Occupational Therapist. I live in downtown St. Louis and am a product of the St. Louis Public Schools. I have noticed that children learn differently and some teachers cannot reach every student because of their traditional teaching style. I have developed a teaching style that excites children and keeps them interested. I believe that we can build a brighter future through creative education and not just simply through reading and writing.

Learning Makes Sense is an after school program that provides inner city first through fifth graders hands-on activities that engage the five senses. The mission of LMS is to instill kids with a passion and desire for general studies and exploration with programs in social studies, reading comprehension, agriculture, energy conservation, and other S.T.E.M. areas.

Chico Weber, Squarefruit Labs

Gizem, Bharath Kishore (BK), and I all graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with degrees in manufacturing and industrial engineering. We are a diverse team with origins in Turkey, India, and Vietnam but we share a common goal to improve technology for mankind. We have backgrounds in robotics, rapid prototyping, and business management.

Squarefruit Labs is building Persona, a user-friendly robotic 3D printer with advanced features to make 3D printing and automation within reach of novices as well as sophisticated inventors. Persona includes a 7 degree-of-freedom arm that allows users to begin 3D printing with our simple drag and drop interface for custom free-form designs, perform various scanning techniques, and auto-calibration.

Brad Postier, Spectrum Perception

Dr. Bradley Postier is CEO of Spectrum Perception LLC and an Adjunct Professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology at Maryville University in St. Louis. Brad is a former Senior Scientist with Phycal Inc. with 10 years of experience in academia and industrial microbiology and biotechnology. He is the inventor of 5 pending patents and has authored >15 peer-reviewed papers.
Spectrum Perception LLC is developing a line of micro-spectrometers for application in academia, the biotech and chemical industries, clinical laboratories, and forensics. These handheld instruments merge the capabilities of a pipette and a spectrophotometer and are designed for a specific assay or class of assays. A proprietary disposable capillary tip will provide a majority of the revenue allowing the instruments to be available at very affordable prices.

Andrew Yee, Surgical Academy

Andrew Yee is a research associate at Washington University School of Medicine and is producing educational content to teach surgeons across the world on the topic of nerve reconstruction.

Surgical Academy is producing comprehensive instructional videos and building an on-line distribution and discussion platform for complex surgeries from world-renowned surgeons.

Bernard Mallala

Bernard Mallala is a seasoned Enterprise Architect and data expert with more than 10 years of corporate experience. Bernard has successfully managed and implemented $35 and $70 million dollar projects for Wells Fargo and Brown Shoe Co., respectively and was a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years.

Bridely is an online market place of vendors that allows brides, grooms, and engaged couples to connect with wedding professionals. For each specific vendor type, the platform simulates questions and interactions that occur during a face-to-face meeting between a bride and vendor to identify matches.

Patrice Hill

Born and raised on the North side of St. Louis, I am the proud mother of Kendall Inali and Saige Natane’. I am family and community oriented and I love to assist others when needed. Using my creativity to make myself and others happy is my ultimate joy.

To make Inali Jewelry Designs a name-brand is what I aspire to do. By hand making my jewelry with precious/semi-precious stones, fair trade beads, and re-purposed materials, I create fashionable statement pieces that are Eco friendly. The person(s) who wear my creations will be fashion forward and proud.