Idea Support is free feedback on your business idea

Let our experts give you a fresh perspective and offer suggestions on how to improve your plan.

To get started, first check out the Entrepreneur’s Roadmap.  It will help you think through the important topics in your application.

Next, write down your ideas.  Be clear and concise. See here for advice.

Three Idea Supporters will review your idea.  Within three weeks they will write back with helpful feedback. Use this feedback to help improve your business idea.

You can apply to Idea Support as many times as you like.  When ready, you can submit your idea to the BALSA Grant

All first time St. Louis entrepreneurs are invited to participate in Idea Support. See the FAQ for more details.

“Idea Support was an excellent way for me to think deeper about how I need to grow and work on defining the details of my business.”
-Kathy R.