Our Partners

We rely upon and are grateful for the generosity and wisdom of the St. Louis entrepreneurial community. Our partners include:

BALSA Grant Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors for funding the BALSA Grant cash and in-kind awards.  



BALSA Grant Reviewers

To ensure fairness in awarding the BALSA Grant, we rely on the experience and insight of the broader entrepreneurial community to review applications and select finalists. We thank the following individuals for lending their time and expertise in reviewing the Summer 2017 BALSA Grant applications.

  • Diego Abente, International Institute of St. Louis

  • Matt Althage, Numerof & Associates

  • Kate Brockmeyer, Business Women Connecting

  • Heather Cameron, Washington University Brown School of Social Work

  • Betsy Cohen, St. Louis Mosaic Project

  • Darcella Craven, Veteran's Business Resource Center

  • Eddie Davis, Center for the Acceleration of African-American Business

  • Aimee Dunne, Brazen Global

  • Kimberly Franklin, St. Louis Community College

  • Gary Kellman, KDK Technologies

  • Matt Manietti, GlobalHack

  • Christy Maxfield, CET

  • Lisa McLaughlin, Reilly McLaughlin, LLC

  • Eric Miller, BioGenerator

  • Jenny Miller, MOSourceLink

  • Russ Odegard, DynaLabs, LLC

  • Neelu Panth, Better Family Life

  • James Sorrell

  • Kate Wilson, Accenture

  • Michela Henke-Cilenti D.Mgt., CPLP